Know how to row already?

Know how to row already? Looking to continue your rowing or perhaps you just want a casual row. It may be that you rowed at school or at another club some years ago and  are thinking of getting back into it. Perhaps you are visiting Perth and want a relaxed row. Maybe you want to mix it up with the regular training. Whatever your motivation give us a call. 

Murdoch’s rowing shed is located at Canning Bridge in Applecross on the beautiful Canning River where the water is sheltered from winds unlike lots of other clubs in Perth. It’s a rare occasion when we can’t get out onto the water,

Generally speaking, if you have rowed a dozen times or more, you will easily mix in with our social rowing crews. There is no need to do one of our Learn to Row Courses if you know how to row already.

For the more serious we have crews that train every morning. We could easily fit you in if you’re after something more rigorous.

We welcome people of all ages (18 – 80) male or female, all nationalities. Just get in contact with us.