Hello, so you’re here looking for a new sport to “have a go at” well …

welcome to rowing!

The sport of rowing offers something for everyone.

It can be a gentle “all over, low impact” exercise to a “vigorous total body” aerobic workout.

You may wish to just learn the basic technical aspects of rowing, so that you feel comfortable on the river to just enjoy “being” on the river.

Or you may learn enough to row regularly for fitness (and to lose extra kilos).

Or you may just want to simply be part of a fun pastime and do enough exercise to earn a cooked breakfast on a Saturday morning.

Come on your own, with a friend or in a group – it doesn’t matter.

We welcome participants from all corners of the community, all walks of life, all shapes and sizes (ages 18-70).

We have experienced and knowledgeable coaches available that can guide you through the lessons in a relaxed and fun environment.

The advantages of rowing as a sport …

Just look at the physique of a rower – aren’t they magnificent?

Question:   What is it that makes rowing a superior fitness activity? It is a question to be asked when there are many competing choices of sport (running, walking, stepping, biking, weight lifting, skiing?

Answer:   It is a complete all body activity AND it includes the mind.