What is covered in the Learn to Row Program?

The Learn to Row Program is structured into 6 specific areas of focus. Initially, the new member will be shown around the shed, and given a briefing on boat handling, shed etiquette, location and storage of equipment, and safety on and off the river.

Next comes familiarization with boat configurations, setting up boats to suit individuals, and oar selection. Initial instruction will be on land based rowing machines for individual tuition on basic rowing techniques. On water lessons then cover the basics of sweep oar rowing, the 4 phases of the rowing cycle, and how to row as a team member.

Latter lessons then focus on technique improvement and developing automatic responses to balance and timing.

At the end of the 4 lessons, most members are sufficiently skilled that they are then able to use the club equipment during any social rowing or training sessions, recognising that continual improvement only comes with effort and coaching support.

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