What do I need to wear at the first lesson?

It is recommended that you come prepared for some physical exertion, on the water. In the summer months it can get quite warm, so a hat and water bottle are very important. Generally bike pants or close fitting shorts will give the rower confidence in the boat, and make sure the clothes do not get caught on oars, seat slides etc. A firm or close fitting shirt is also recommended. Loose clothing can be dangerous if it gets caught on the equipment. For the first lesson where you will have a bit of instruction on rowing machines you might like to bring joggers, and then they can be replaced with thick socks or firm slip on rubber soled “reef walker” type shoes for when we jump in the boats. It is possible to row in bare feet initially.

NOTE: Sunscreen is also very important as you will be outside for at least 2 hours (before rowing, on the water, and afterwards cleaning etc).

What level of fitness do I need?

The lessons will not be highly physical, but some degree of fitness (e.g. able to walk for 15 minutes with little effort) will make the on water sessions more enjoyable. By the fourth lesson, you will be able to row continuously for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

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