What if I can row already?

If you have rowed before, either in Australia or overseas, we can offer you a place to come and have a row.

It may be that you rowed at school or at another club some years ago and are thinking of getting back into it or you are just visiting Perth for a short time and want somewhere relaxed and easy going to have a gentle paddle up the river or to mix it with the regular trainers.

Generally speaking, if you have rowed a dozen times or more before then you will be easily able to mix in with our social rowing crews that go out on a Tuesday afternoon, a Wednesday morning or on a Saturday morning.

For the more serious we have crews that train every morning and you could be a part of this if you are looking for something a bit more rigorous.

We welcome people of all ages (17-80) male or female, all nationalities.

To find out more, complete the form below and we will get back to you with the answers to your queries.